Guaranteed No Side Affects


Totally fascinating are the pharmaceutical commercials that run endlessly on television, announcing the newest snake oil on the market but the tail end of the commercial has a disclaimer that the “new miracle drug may cause side affects such as loss of vision, stroke, vomiting, nausea, paralysis, weight gain, impotence, or even DEATH. See your doctor for more details”,….that is of course if you are still mobile or EVEN alive….

Pharmaceuticals in this country are far more expensive than the rest of the world. It’s big business here. Americans want so badly for their ailment or addiction to end with the simple ingestion of a small pill.  Let’s face it starting a diet or exercise program would probably heal everything except old age,  but it’s hard to change our mindset, hard to stay disciplined with a good routine. So we buy into “pill” mentality.

It’s not to say that you should give up all medicines that your doctor has prescribed.

What if, however, we look back to 1350 B.C. to the first recording of healing gemstones on papyrus and look at many cultures across the world have used gemstones to heal. Gemstones were also used in the Breastplate of Aaron and other warriors and priests for protection. Seem backward?

Let’s flash forward to Piezoelectricity. Ever hear of it? I am sure you have!  Heard of quartz movement watches whose energy is harnessed from a crystal to make the watch function? Currently synthetic crystals are used for consistency in timekeeping, but originally natural crystals fired enough electrons to give watchmakers the idea of harnessing energy from a rock. Remember the periodic table? The basic elements are sorted by their atomic weights, protons and electrons. The electrons are always moving, creating vibrations in even something as still as a rock. Our bodies react to these vibrational fields. Ever hear that you shouldn’t live in a house under a power line?

A power stone to look at is agate. Agate has been used for centuries for protection in battle and protection of health. Onyx (shown above), a type of agate, is often used as a good luck stone, especially for children, artists and students. It is said to balance the Yin and Yang energies, provide energy when one is drained and aid in healing the physical body….with no side affects.

In future blogs we will discuss meaning and healing properties of other gemstones. Find more soon at



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