Fluorite, the Powerhouse Healer


Fluorite is known for its ribbons of green, blue, purple and sometimes clear. Out of all gemstones, its healing covers mental, physical and spiritual domains.

Mentally, the blues in fluorite clear brain fog  and chaos allowing focused concentration on goals or meditation. This translates into abundance and wealth. It helps with analytic concentration, logic and intellect which makes it a good stone for accountants, students and scientists. It grounds one’s energy, clears mental chatter and draws the truth from the chaos.

Physically, the greens in fluorite benefit many suffering from headaches, viral infections and tumors. It’s commonly uses in combination with detoxification and cancer therapies to help visualize the healing swirls of green and purple.

Spiritually, fluorite joins one with the Divine Infinite pulling on its perfectly symmetrical and sacred cubist and octa-hedron shaped crystals for harmonious balance. This connection makes it ideal for past life work. It stabilizes the aura and life force balance.

Fluorite benefits  anxiety, insomnia, teeth, lungs, detoxification, staph infections, canker sores, herpes, cancer, colds, headaches and flu.


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